<p>of forestry enterprises and their weak ability of resisting market risks.<a href='http://shaadighar.in/green-decking/8288.html'>flat roof deck materials</a> The fact is true. In the wood processing industry chain, the first part of the production of wood raw materials, Guangxi ranked first in the country; the second part of the intermediate products such as wood-based panels,liquidation composite plastic wood panama then in the upper level; the third part of the wood floor, wood furniture and other terminal processing Product, but in a backward position.Spacious </p>
<p>factory square, a few large trucks are unloading wood,<a href="https://nyltgcc.org/wpc-deck/four-feet-high-fencing.html">four feet high fencing</a> plaza filled with logs; planing, drying, row plate,fence importer usa platen, sawing, modification, shipping, a set of production processes in the three connected workshops The workers were busy in their respective positions; in the final shipyard, three forklifts shuttled in and out of the finished product board onto the transporter. Recently, the reporter came to Pingnan Xian Industrial Park in Pingnan </p>
<p>County, China Sea Wood Co., Ltd.<a href="https://nyltgcc.org/wpc-deck/formaldehyde-free-wpc-floor-dealer.html">formaldehyde free wpc floor dealer</a> interview, was busy here attracted the production scene. "Pingnan County, Haywood Wood Co., Ltd. is in April 2011 to get the land, signed in June is the park, Pingnan Industrial Park, the first admission of enterprises,composite exterior flooring malaysia started construction August 18, 2012 March 28 Nissan completed trial production. "Guangxi Haihua Group Co., Ltd. Chairman Tan Qinwen chatted enthusiastically with reporters. </p>