<P>Because the winter air humidity is low, the floor is easy to shrink deformation, in order to ensure the smooth contraction of the floor, we should avoid the concentration of heavy furniture, it is best to periodically move furniture placement. Also regular waxing and maintenance for the floor, in the floor before the wax must be wiped clean the floor first, and then evenly wipe the surface of the floor waxing.</P>
<P>Local cleaning: In home life, it is difficult to avoid the surface of the floor will be stained with hard to remove stains. It should be noted that different stains in the cleaning process, the need to use different methods, the following we can use a rag or mop with a small amount of detergent or warm water to wipe, if the stain is more serious, you can use High-quality sandpaper or steel wool gently wipe.</P>
<P>Drugs, Beverages, Pigment Stains Cleaning Method: Must be removed before the stains have penetrated the wooden surface. Wipe off with a soft cloth dampened with furniture wax. If still invalid, use steel wool dipped in furniture wax.</P> "fiber boats water proof plywood,composite wood decking price for marina,lattice insert attached to on fence "