<p>The situation between the elevator pipe is another matter. Because the elevator will be 24 hours a day from time to time to run up and down frequently. Like we sometimes work life in high-rise residential  white picket fence panel  buildings, office buildings, will inevitably have to go through elevator movements. In fact, the elevator is also a major source of noise, the sound energy it generates echoing in the elevator room is very scary, "like a chimney-like elevator pipe between the impact back and forth." </p><p>Elevator tone construction often encountered a similar problem: the back and forth of the elevator running noise long and prolonged shock, for a long time are still reflected in the narrow cabin of the elevator. Therefore, good sound-proof cotton, not only to solve the neighborhood harmony problem, we also composite decking vs wood decking prices   need to use the gradient sound-absorbing cotton these advanced sound-absorbing materials to solve life, work common interference problems. We may should be based on the actual situation of each sound-absorbing sound decoration cases, but also to observe the spatial form for accurate assessment and improvement.</p><p> Sometimes soundproofing has to be improved before dealing with other acoustic problems. Overall, it is to first figure out the status of the space at that time, and then for the space in the sound-absorbing materials and gradient sound-absorbing  New design mixed color composite decking for interior decoration  cotton structure design and how to put the right medicine is. The best sound insulation is often in the initial design phase of the decoration, they should consider the family room acoustics noise planning and sound absorption control, if you only map that point "wasted money", then many people were "controlled by noise "Depression to  internal wall cladding Australia eat sleeping pills is really not a" small "problem.</p>