<p>the friction between the car tires and ground sound. This sound basically belongs to the bass and accompanied by vibration. This situation is particularly close to concrete roads are worse than the  Yard Smart Railing Systems asphalt road. Car engine, exhaust pipe, car transmission system sound. Larger horsepower, the use of vehicles with longer vehicles, the more noise in this area. Car horn, wind resistance and braking, deceleration belt and the impact of vehicle vibration caused by the sound. Know the main sources of noise and classification, I can solve one by one.</p> <p> The best way to deal with the noise is to seal the window, whether you are a single-window or double-window, the seal is the most important. The carrying capacity of the barrel is determined by the shortest piece of wood, while the sound insulation is outdoor floor tiles types  determined by the weakest link. From the current technical level, the use of plastic windows as a means of sealing is the most effective decoration program. For those who have adopted aluminum alloy, should ensure that the seal of aluminum alloy frame intact.</p> <p> Relatively speaking, the sealing of  child play yard fence malaysia aluminum alloy window worse than the plastic window. Window sealed solution, the next step is to make it more sealed, after all, is not to say that the noise insulation on the line, have to look at the sealing performance. The use of insulating glass in the plastic window is a very effective way. Because the noisiest is often the treble part, and the treble is straight, the glass can make most of it reflect, and the  painting wood composite furniture insulating glass can make its non-reflective part exhausted.</p>