<P>When we carry out the decoration of the house, we usually finish the floor decoration first, and then carry on the wall decoration or other accessories and so on. In the process of renovating the old house, we only carry out the construction for the part. Therefore, whether it is renovation or renovation must be well maintained home floor, to prevent the construction process in the floor scratch, depression, or directly at the splice at the relaxation phenomenon.</P>
<P>In the process of home improvement, the first thing to do is to lay the ground. Therefore, we must pay attention to the protection of the laid-out floor during the rest of the construction. In the decoration of the dust is inevitable, in order to prevent the new floor was contaminated with dust and construction team personnel and other footprints, it is best to first floor of a layer of dust cloth and so on as a protective film.</P>
<P>In addition, it is necessary to carry out dust removal and home maintenance work on the dust-proof cloth after the decoration of one day, especially when the dust accumulation is too thick, so as to avoid accidental cleaning due to excessive dust after the decoration is finished in the future Pollution of the floor.</P> "wood gates for decks,ikea decking tiles australia,plastic fence replace wooden fence "