<p>Buy laminate flooring should pay attention to the little knowledge 1 absorbent thickness Expansion rate: superior product absorbent thickness expansion rate of 2.5% or less; first-class product absorption thickness  composite fence vs wood review  expansion value of 4.5% or less. Water bubbles, water and more poor quality. 2 surface wear: the floor because there is no wear-resistant layer or wear-resistant number of revolutions is very low and called false floor, the floor surface and real laminate flooring no difference sandpaper with a few times, you will find decorative patterns Was polished and immediately white.</p><p> This floor is a fake floor. The more abrasive, the price is  metal decks and railings Uganda  also more expensive. Wear resistance of public places at the level of more than 9000 rpm; if you have a large population, but also pay less attention to maintenance, choose a higher degree of wear resistance; But if you pay more attention to the floor care, the floor by strong, hardware wear Less opportunity, then the choice of relatively low wear resistance may be more economical. Available sandpaper rub, poor quality is very easy to blush. Wear resistance of laminate flooring, mainly depends on the alumina crystal (commonly known as gem) coating. Floor per unit area of ​​the higher the  composite wood decking specification Sor-Trondelag  content of aluminum oxide, the higher the wear resistance.</p>