<P>Can be used to wipe rags dipped rice directly to wipe, or wash rice water into the spray bottle, spray evenly laminated solid wood floor, just a few minutes, you can use a dry rag wipe clean.</P>
<P>Let's talk about it now. For fruit juice, wine stains, etc., you can use a cloth dipped in a small amount of warm water to wipe; lipstick, shoe polish, cigarette stains and other soft cloth dipped in alcohol wipe; for hardened chewing gum with a blunt scraper gently cut off. These clean solid wood floor stains simple and economical method, and will not hurt the laminate flooring, in the usual home life, it will inevitably contaminate these stains, consumers may wish to use these methods to give it a try.</P>
<P>Complex floor dirt clean-up action imperative, if this aspect of troubled consumers may wish to read this article carefully, maybe these small care tips, you can provide better help when you need it!</P> "heated outdoor mats on composite decking,square wpc tube for fence for sale,composite wood projects "