<p>building, up 10% can be increased over the use of the area. 6 fire, water, impact, acid, anti-aging and so on. Second, the application of the new composite wall panels Mainly used in the construction of wall insulation (such as: reinforced concrete walls, hollow ceramic block filling walls, hollow concrete block walls, clay porous brick walls, etc.) Building roof insulation System, steel roof insulation, floor insulation, </p>
<p>so that library insulation, pavement foundation, can be widely in many areas, such as refrigerated trucks, plaza ground, airports and so on. Third, the advantages of the new composite wall The wall plate equipment production process is simple, a high degree of automation equipment, low labor intensity, pipeline operations, the production process without noise no waste discharge. Wall plate equipment, low </p>
<p>energy consumption, without high temperature, high pressure, the use of chemical reactions to release their own heat, to meet the production process requirements. 1, low cost: ordinary 32.5 # portland cement as gelling agent, optional slag, ash, fly ash, coal gangue, ceramsite, slag and other waste materials as aggregate, the nearest procurement of raw materials, low cost; 2, high yield: continuous extrusion </p>
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