<p>2. The construction of the wall pad first to the wall pad and the floor, the ground contact parts for cleaning, coated with an interface treatment agent, then pouring C20 concrete wall mats, wall mat on the surface should be smooth, both sides should be vertical. 3. Installation along the ground, along the top keel, along the top keel in place, with nail fixed, nailing at a distance of 900mm, nailing position should </p>
<p>be to avoid the laying of the catheter parts. 4. Install vertical keel According to the determined vertical keel spacing, along the ground, the top keel on the sub-drawing line. According to the vertical line drawn keel from the end of the wall began to arrange. The upper and lower keel should be along the top, along the keel with rivets or self-tapping screws. 5. Fixed door and window frame Door and window </p>
<p>frame according to the design position in place, and vertical keel, along the ground, along the top keel connection. Wood doors and windows can be fixed with wood screws, steel, aluminum doors and windows can be self-tapping screws. 6. Install gypsum board Gypsum board installation, the vertical arrangement should be used, keel on both sides of the gypsum board should be the wrong seam. Gypsum </p>
<p>planking that is used for side<br />
24 foot composite decking<br />
bench kit for deck</p>