<p>increase in the fine decoration of the building,<a href='http://deckingcomposite.org/composite/10699-mats-to-protect-composite-wood.html'>mats to protect composite wood</a> the urgent need for a complete set of indoor decoration standards. From the beauty of home improvement style, the performance of decoration materials, and the comfortable and healthy living environment, the standard floor, baseboard specifications,temporary pallet fence performance, color and unity. This standard is also a trend of residential development. In order to regulate the similar products throughout the </p>
<p>country or enterprise standards-related product quality,<a href='http://shaadighar.in/wall-board/29.html'>patio floor decorating ideas</a> floor preparation of national standards meeting will be held on May 15, 2008 in Jiangsu Tianmuhu grand. The meeting was led by Changzhou Greenswood Wood Co., Ltd., the national engineering composite material product quality supervision and inspection center,variegated color deck styles ideas the Chinese Academy of Forestry Institute of Wood Industry, two units jointly involved, Woodstock Panel Secretary </p>
<p>Wu Danping made a speech . <a href='http://deckingcomposite.org/fence/1963-composite-trim-boards-white.html'>composite trim boards white</a>The meeting will be the national standard as an opportunity to pass four standard press releases and publicity,deck rail designs to promote the vigorous development of China's flooring industry. The convening of this meeting is to promote the rapid development and improvement of China's flooring industry featuring "energy conservation, environmental protection and safety" and to strengthen exchanges and communication among </p>