<p>dedicated adhesive, and then pressed into 80 long mesh cloth, the rest thrown aside. (3) The configured special adhesive smear on the back of the extruded board, the adhesive compaction thickness of about 3, in order to ensure a strong bond, sticking method can be used sticky sticky method and point method. (4) sticking method: use toothed trowel knife special binder horizontal wipe evenly on the extruded board, the </p>
<p>strip width 10, the thickness of 10, the distance 50. (5) point method: with a trowel in the periphery of each extruded plate and wipe width 50, a thickness of 10 special adhesive, and then in the extruded plate partition wipe a diameter of 100, a thickness of 10 gray cake. (6) Will be glued to a special adhesive extruded plate quickly affixed to the wall to prevent the surface of the skin and lose the role of binding. Do not </p>
<p>apply special adhesive to the side of extruded board. (7) Extruded board glued to the wall, the application of 2 meters by foot pressure flat operation, to ensure its smoothness and paste firmly between the board and the board to squeeze tight, no seams, because the cut is not straight to form the gap with Extruded slab into and polished. Every sticky after a plate, should be squeezed out of the special adhesive. (8) Extruded </p>
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