<p>followed. The total thickness of the polymer mortar is about 3.5-4.0. 11, deformation seam, the boundary seam at the construction: (1) deformation of the wall of the metal cover seam should be extruded in front of the pasteboard design and positioning and the primary wall fixed firmly. (2) in the metal cover plate and the extruded plate at the junction and the boundary seam filled with gunfire polyethylene solid round rod, the </p>
<p>diameter should be 1.3 times the width of the slit, embedding sealant in two, the depth of the slit width Of 50-70% (3) Sealant construction should be careful not to pollute both sides of the extrusion board surface layer. 12, the construction of the veneer layer: (1) finishes the use of water-soluble high-elastic coating, the construction of polymer mortar before repair should be uneven, and fine sandpaper grinding, and then paint </p>
<p>construction. (2) When the surface layer of tile, adhesive and grout mortar should be used special tile adhesive. 13, repair holes: (1) when the scaffolding removed, the hole should be promptly repaired. Fill the wall holes with the same base wall material and smooth with 1: 3 cement mortar. (2) Cut the extruded board according to the hole size and polish the edge portion so that it can be tightly sealed in the hole. And in the </p>
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wood composite extrusion process troubleshooting</p>