<P>Surface paint is more family floor will occur, mostly due to the daily walking or dragging objects on the floor paint caused some damage, resulting in a certain Department of paint a small series of cracks or paint off. In this regard, we can use paint remover, waxing way to repair the floor, the paint cracks more serious site, we can use sandpaper at the wear Department for detailed grinding, remove the dirt left on the surface, and then its Foil treatment, thus repair and maintenance of the floor.</P>
<P>For the cracking of the floor board, floor repair is also different. In this regard, we can use a certain mixture of cracks in the floor fill, the choice of mixture of materials need to be different for different floors of wood selected in detail, the need for its better sticky and firm. For large cracks in the site, it is recommended that users contact the manufacturers, the site of the floor to conduct a comprehensive replacement, placed in the use of the floor to cause further damage.</P>
<P>Grasp these floor repair tips, for our home life is very important. However, from the actual use, we also need to pay attention to daily living habits, pay attention to the maintenance of the floor in ordinary life, so as to be able to fundamentally give the family the most comfortable family enjoyment.</P>
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