<p>leadership, quality assurance, and optimization of terminals” to enhance the brand,<a href='http://olssschool.org/cheap-flooring/2504-chen-sing-plywood-price.html'>chen sing plywood price</a> win the market's terminal, and achieve new leaps. The "flying first year" is our ultimate goal this year. Q: The characteristics of “emphasis on installation” on the floor highlight the importance of floor services. How do you plan for this year? Liu: If we want to sort this year's work,best grill mat for composite deckings we will put product service, customer service and market services first. To put it </p>
<p>bluntly, we must not only meet the actual consumer demand for products,<a href='http://rsservices.org/wall-panel/3316-how-much-is-siding-on-a-954-sq-ft-home.html'>how much is siding on a 954 sq ft home</a> but also satisfy the psychological needs of its consumption. After all, current customers buy not only "goods", but also a "feeling". In addition, this year we will implement the "Provisions on Service Display and Service Image,rooftop garden decking" which is the first enterprise in the industry to publish and implement service enterprise service standards. Q: Flooring products are updated </p>
<p>frequently. In the new product updates, what are the plans for this year? <a href='http://topcop.org/wpc-deck/3075-front-porch-rocking-chairs.html'>front porch rocking chairs</a>Liu: “Fashion”, this is our judgment on the floor fashion trend this year. We introduced four series of artificial solid wood products, such as the sound-quiet, rare-wood mute, hand-grained wood and jade rhinestones,attaching decking to concrete steps molded forest scenery and chamfered and transferred beech wood sunlight, and expanded the series of simulated solid wood flooring to nine. We </p>