<p>Environmental protection: Solid wood flooring is made from natural materials, does not contain formaldehyde, and does not cause any harm or side effects to the human body. It is a true green environmental protection decoration material, which is also an important reason why most owners purchase solid wood flooring. To know that the interior decoration is not paying attention to formaldehyde, the formaldehyde is harmful to the human body. If the interior material is poor quality materials, then the indoor air quality cleanliness will be greatly reduced, directly causing harm to the human body.</p>
<p>Durable: Because the solid wood floor is made of a single block of wood, the thickness of the solid wood floor is unified to 18mm, the thickness of 18mm ensures the wear resistance of the floor, and because the hardwood floor material is hard and dense, the anti-corrosion performance is relatively strong. Therefore, solid wood floors are basically intact after many years of use.</p>
<p>Beautiful, fragrant: solid wood flooring is a natural material, the texture of the floor surface is as ever-changing nature, as natural, extremely beautiful is nothing more than artificial flooring can not reach anyhow. Some of the solid wood floors are made of precious wood. The pure natural gas that is distributed makes people feel as if they are returning to the forest. It is also refreshing and the natural wood taste is beneficial to human health.</p>
<p>Feeling is good: solid wood flooring is a natural material, so it has good flexibility, regardless of the temperature, foot comfort are very soft and comfortable. Cold winter solid wood flooring will not be cold, hot summer wood floors will not heat, the original ecological material feels like being in nature, fresh and comfortable.</p> "aluminum fencing gate singapore suppliers,fence panels cheapest in ireland,wpc farmwood wood plastic composite flooring "