<p>Yihua Enterprise (Group) Co., Ltd. was established in 1995. Yihua Wood Industry Co., Ltd. is a large-scale joint-stock company specializing in the production and sale of wood products such as solid wood flooring, solid wood composite flooring and solid wood furniture. After 20 years of hard work, Gradually developed into a comprehensive modern large-scale private enterprise with wooden products processing and real estate development as the leading, investment industry as an auxiliary, diversified operation as one.</p>
<p>Shangpin Floor was founded in 2003 and is a professional flooring service organization. Shangpin Floor has been focusing on R&D, production and sales of wooden flooring and electrostatic overhead industries. Over the years, Shangpin Floor Masters has gradually developed into one of the most highly respected and preferred engineering supply partners for local real estate developers, construction companies, and decoration companies, and has established long-term partnerships with many famous real estate developers, construction companies, and decoration companies. . In the wooden floor, overhead floor product technology development, engineering supply and after-sales service, always in a leading position in the same industry.</p>
<p>Shenzhen Natural Home Wood Co., Ltd., with a forward-looking vision and a global vision, is committed to creating a unique style of Chinese style solid wood flooring. It is currently one of the most powerful and representative floor brands in China. One of Nature��s core strengths is the long-term ownership of forest resources, including the investment in large-scale high-quality forests in Burma, Brazil, South America, etc., and the establishment of a number of large-scale wood processing bases in the region to form natural and precious wood self-sufficient resources for forest production. Supply support, so as to seize the market commanding point in the most critical aspects of the industry chain.</p>
<p>Lin Zhongying's unique solid wood flooring is derived from natural wood. It is non-radioactive and does not contain formaldehyde. Its annual texture often gives people a sense of return to nature and a sense of return. It is unique in texture and beauty. After being laid, the solid wood floor has good elasticity. The person walking on the floor is very soft and comfortable regardless of temperature, tactile feeling, and it is warm in winter and cool in summer, especially in the cold winter. People living indoors will not feel stiff. foot.</p>
<p>Solid wood floor brand rankings as above, when buying solid wood flooring brand is of course very important, but in addition to the brand, you can also see other aspects of the content, that is to say the brand is not the only solid wood flooring to pay attention to the purchase of knowledge. Solid wood flooring is also a certain amount of formaldehyde, after the home is decorated with solid wood flooring, we must be able to master the method of dealing with formaldehyde, to see how to solve the problem of formaldehyde generated by solid wood floor to effectively solve, let the indoor environment clean.</p> "cost of engineered outdoor decking,wood skid furniture,melamine particle board suppliers "