<p>Since its founding nearly 20 years ago, Life House is a brand originating in Malaysia. It is one of the world's largest manufacturers of antique flooring. Now it has established R&D and production bases in many places across the country. Very rich forest resources, in the country there is a very good sales service system. Representative products are living homes. Baroque, this series of solid wood flooring is well-known in the world.</p>
<p>Located on the wooden floor capital Nanxun, Zhejiang Province, it has been in existence for 20 years since its establishment. There are more than 1,200 stores in the country. Aspiring flooring is the leader in environmental protection floors. In the world, there are more than ten floors in the company. Raw material supply base, from the collection of raw materials to the formation of products, each process is perfect, and strives for perfection. We have always adhered to the production concept of ��Quality is Life, and Product is Personality��. Among the more than 400 wooden flooring companies in Nanxun, annual sales account for the top three.</p>
<p>As one of the most well-known floor brands in China, Nature Flooring has grown up with the Chinese flooring industry. It has made a positive contribution to the development of China's flooring industry. Nature Floor now has nearly 3,000 monopoly stores nationwide. The store has established a number of raw material supply bases throughout the world and its strength should not be underestimated.</p> "reclaimed redwood lumber prices,innovative shop flooring ideas,garden fence posts decorations "