<P>Multi-layer parquet and three-layer parquet are parquet, is different types of solid wood veneer or puzzle, with plastic at high temperature hot pressing made, of which three-layer parquet is Laminated by three layers of wood veneer laminated.</p>
<P>Parquet thickness is very good, up to about 2mm, more wear-resistant, the middle layer, the bottom of the common pine, fir balance stability, relatively high cost; multi-layer parquet surface is very thin, only 0.6-1mm or so, The bottom of the production of Zamu, quality is good or bad depends on the glue used.</P>
<P>If the budget is sufficient, it is recommended that you choose three parquet better. Three-layer structure laminated with glue. Multi-layer parquet is a multi-layer plywood as a substrate, with hardwood laminar or veneer panels, laminated.</P>
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