<P>Product moisture content is too high and the environment is too dry will lead to dry shrinkage and cracked floor, the problem is that after some time in the installation occurred. Once a problem occurs, it is very difficult to identify the responsibility.
In the wood flooring pavement, acceptance and use of GB / T 20238-2006 specification, the user only in the proper use and maintenance conditions, the warranty period in order to assume the obligation of warranty. Under normal circumstances, the winter is relatively dry, drying the floor is the most serious stage of shrinkage.</P>
<P>It is fair for both parties to measure the shrinkage of the floor and the user's indoor humidity at this stage of the selection. If the test site user humidity below 40%, indicating that the user's environment is dry, the user should bear the primary responsibility. During the warranty period, if the user's ambient humidity is higher than 40%, the floor gap of more than 2mm, the dealer assumes the warranty obligation.</P> "pvc roofing indoor application support,cats paw deck wrecker,eco wood plastic decking "