<p>companies not only have a price war in the domestic market,<a href='http://videoworthy.org/cheap-flooring/18896-outdoor-bench-by-pvc-wood.html'>outdoor bench by pvc wood</a> but also have this phenomenon in the US market." Qi Rong analyzed that lack of motivation in the domestic market, and there is no absolute advantage in foreign countries, but the main mode of price competition,eco friendly patio wood floor materials many flooring companies in Withstanding various obstacles to foreign trade barriers, foreign "price wars" or floor companies were the source of the United States' </p>
<p>"double opposition." The United States’<a href='http://zenrabbit.org/pvc-fence/1540-putting-wood-railing-over-concrete-porch.html'>putting wood railing over concrete porch</a> high anti-tax double taxation is the industry’s most worried about the butterfly effect caused by this incident. Another person in charge of Wuhan flooring company, who declined to be named, analyzed that before, Argentina, Canada, oxiclean on composite deckingand other countries had initiated several anti-dumping investigations against Chinese wood flooring companies, but they all ended without success. “If this new US </p>
<p>jurisprudence takes shape,<a href='http://zenrabbit.org/pvc-fence/10255-flower-bed-edging-with-wood.html'>flower bed edging with wood</a> may form a demonstration effect on future cases.” Corporate innovation is the key to self-protection facing such a severe internal and external situation, through the lowering of production, price increases can not maintain the survival of the enterprise, wooden planks for facade indialong time ago, companies will face more severe Survival test. “Chinese flooring industry is no longer an era when low prices can dominate the market.” Qi Rong said </p>