<p>Overall wall decoration material: facing stone The facing stone mainly consists of artificial veneer and natural stone. The man-made veneer includes prefabricated terrazzo, artificial marble, etc. The natural veneer stone mainly includes marble. The stone wall decoration will be more magnificent and more elegant. However, many owners are afraid that the radioactivity of used construction stairs rental  the stone will exceed the standard, so it is basically not used for home decoration. The overall wall decoration material: glazed tile glazed tiles are rich and novel in style, such as white, color, color puzzle, printed color and color murals. The surface of the glazed tile is very smooth, it is easy to clean, and it has good waterproof effect and beautiful color. Wide range of applications, such as: can be used in restaurants, living rooms, kitchens, bathrooms and other floor tiles.</p> <p> Overall wall decoration material: brush material Brushing materials mainly include residential composite exterior wall cladding  large white pulp, lime slurry, silver paste, color paste, etc. These wall decoration materials are affordable, but the decorative effect is not very good, and it is not very durable. Advantages and disadvantages of the overall wall decoration Advantages: Material environmental protection Because the polyurethane, aluminum alloy and aluminum foil used in the overall wall surface are environmentally friendly materials that do not contain formaldehyde, they are safer and more reliable than other materials. Good thermal insulation performance Because the inner wall of the whole wall is made of polyurethane insulation light weight faux tongue and groove ceiling Uganda  material, its insulation effect is very good.</p> <p> Generally, the insulation layer of the refrigerator is also insulated and insulated by using this material, and it is conceivable that it is used for wall decoration, and the heat insulation effect thereof will be more remarkable. Disadvantages: the installation area is the thickest of the wall decoration materials in the home, and the thickness of the cement is about 1.5CM; the next is the overall wall decoration, the thickness is 1CM; the lowest thickness is the wallpaper and paint , its thickness is less than 0.5CM. Therefore, in a relatively small space, it is necessary to consider the occupied area of ​​the entire wall. Inconvenient transportation Because the overall wallcorrugated roofing panels clear   length is up to 6 meters, care must be taken during transportation and installation, otherwise the plates will be bent.</p>