<p>quality control system, <a href='http://carpetconnection.org/eco/3052-best-vinyl-fencing-materials.html'>best vinyl fencing materials</a>it is easy to discern whether the quality is due to product quality or decoration. Some experts believe that production-oriented companies have quality control systems that should have become industry norms, but there are few in the current wood flooring industryperekat untuk komposit, indicating that the industry still lacks orderly guidance. According to statistics, from 1995 to now, the market for laminate flooring has reached more </p>
<p>than 10 billion yuan, and the average annual growth rate has reached more than 20%.<a href='http://ghsmp.org/fence/1341-outdoor-material-for-patio-furniture.html'>outdoor material for patio furniture</a> In such a large market, the market share of unbranded or 'mobile brand' products is as high as nearly 50%. “In Europe and the United States, the market share of laminate flooring is as high as 70%-80%. This is by no means a big and small company can achieve it.farm fencing price malaysia The larger the market, the more standards and regulations are needed. If this disorderly </p>
<p>competition is not strictly prohibited, it will be strengthened.<a href='http://carpetconnection.org/eco/5998-projected-market-for-deck-stain.html'>projected market for deck stain</a> The wood floor will probably move in a dangerous direction.In the past, it was the poor floor that seized the share of high-quality flooring. This year it will be high-quality flooring that will drive out poor floorboards.Speaking of the flooring market in the past two years,pipe railing pvc coated the majority of people's first reaction is the decline, downturn and other terms. Indeed, due to external factors </p>