<p>breakthrough in the industry's marketing approach.<a href='http://suntower.org/cheap/5912-how-to-install-composite-decking-on-stairs.html'>how to install composite decking on stairs</a>The growth rate of the volume has declined compared with previous years. In response to this situation, Wang Hongjun, general manager of Anhui Shengxiang Wood Industry, put forward the concept of “micro-growth”. The sales of flooring companies are still in the growth stage,decorative floor tiles miami fl but the growth rate has slowed down noticeably. The cold environment is not a bad thing. Survival of the </p>
<p>fittest promotes market integration For the domestic industry affected by the real estate industry,<a href='http://carpetconnection.org/fence/6644-commercial-building-wood-siding-options.html'>commercial building wood siding options</a> “cold,” the floor industry elites did not show a pessimistic attitude, have put forward almost the same view: the industry “winter” to promote the survival of the fittest,how to fix a cap between an above ground pool and deck market integration leads health development of. Liu Jing, director of nature floor marketing, said: 'How to get through this 'cold winter', in fact, I don't think it's not a good thing. </p>
<p>The current concentration of building materials brands is incomparable with home appliances.<a href='http://suntower.org/green/3846-plastic-composite-outdeck-table-top-material.html'>plastic composite outdeck table top material</a> How do we improve the concentration of brands? I think now is Good timing - Ruixue Zhaofeng years.' Wang Hongjun, general manager of Anhui Shengxiang Wood Industry, also compared the home appliance industry: japan composite building supplies'The home appliance industry is much more mature than the flooring industry. Their brand building, brand accumulation </p>