<p>According to the shape of the section, it is judged that the light steel keel can be divided into four models according to the difference in the section. The U and C keels are known as load-bearing keels and deck wood flooring uk can be used as partition keels; while the T and L keels are used for ceilings. According to the thickness of the keel, when looking at the light steel keel, first make sure that its thickness is above 0.6mm, and then look at the various information of the product. At this time, it is necessary to judge the thickness of the aluminum gusset by observing and touching.</p> <p> According to the galvanizing process, when it is vinyl lattice panels singapore judged to be a light steel keel, it must be prevented from rusting, so the surface needs to be galvanized. Here we have to look at whether there is detachment or pitting in the galvanized layer. Only when qualified products are selected can it be better to prevent moisture.</p> <p> According to the keel "snowflake" to judge the light steel keel of good quality, on the surface of the galvanized layer, a clear snowflake pattern can be seen, and the hand feel is hard and the gap is small. According to the corrosion resistance, the raw material of the light steel keel is preferably a continuous indoor laminate wood floor hot-dip plate, and the galvanized layer is very strong, and the galvanizing content of each side must be sufficient, so as to have better corrosion resistance.</p>