<p>years everyone For the home environment, <a href='http://carpetconnection.org/eco/7250-plywood-made-of-rice-straw.html'>plywood made of rice straw</a>the aesthetic needs of the floor have begun to change, the original standards require surface formation, and now does not require the formation of a flat, and now many designers will choose a large number of antique, convex surface, living room design pictures malaysiaresulting in floor manufacturers artificially The floor is in the direction of the rough surface. Third, the entire marketing channel began to diversify. The diversification of </p>
<p>channels is reflected in many aspects.<a href='http://cribcity.net/floor/1420-prebuilt-composite-decking-manufacturing.html'>prebuilt composite decking manufacturing</a> The original floor covering ceramic building materials industry is a closed channel. The self-built channels are mainly specialized stores. Although there are comprehensive decorative materials such as Oriental Home, B\u0026Q and so on, their total The amount is still less than 5%, wood deck covering restorethe main channel is still in retail. In the past two years, this has changed. One is fine decoration, the proportion of fine </p>
<p>decoration is increasing year by year. <a href='http://carpetconnection.org/fence/6100-installing-waterproof-shower-wall-panels.html'>installing waterproof shower wall panels</a>The state has macro policy guidance, and there are also considerations for real estate companies to increase their value-added profit through fine decoration. Another is to cooperate with the decoration company, plus group purchase, online shopping, e-commerce, this is increasing year by year.wood plastic composite manufacturers canada Today, the US economy is weak, Europe is in short supply, and emerging developing countries are </p>