<p>The reinforced floor reinforced floor is made of high density board and medium density board. The reinforced floor made of low density board is not required. At present, there are mainly three types of substrates on the market, namely, Jiangxi Daya Washing Substrate, Jiangsangyang Substrate, and Anhui Shuyang Washing Substrate. The best substrate is Washing Substrate. The solid wood composite floor solid wood composite floor is made of sliced ​​veneer as the panel, which can make the surface texture and the  pontoon boat flooring materials spain solid wood floor consistent, and can retain the original as much as possible. The core part is made of wood plywood, which is durable and durable.</p> <p> It is more resistant and stable than solid wood flooring. Solid wood flooring solid wood flooring is the most popular one, and solid wood flooring materials can be divided into: eucalyptus, eucalyptus, virgin wood, two-winged beans, balsam beans, pineapple grid, ash and so on. Among them, the material with  labor for wood fence salvador better stability is pineapple grid and disc bean. Wood floor purchase error zone pursuit of the length and width of the floor can be selected according to the size of the room floor, purchase should pay attention to whether there are bends, twists, cracks, shrinkage, arches and so on.</p> <p> Pursuit of no color difference and consistent texture When some consumers buy wooden flooring, in order to  threshold for laminate floor to exterior fence pursue the same color, suppliers will be required to provide wooden flooring with consistent texture. It is a natural phenomenon to know that the wooden floor is a pure natural wood product, and there will be chromatic aberration and unevenness of the pattern. In pursuit of high-grade materials, many consumers will choose precious trees. In addition, to choose the brand wooden floor, choose a high-credit merchant to buy.</p> <p> Consumers who only buy and do not re-lay are only interested in purchasing, not paying attention to laying. It is necessary to know that 70% of the quality problems are caused by the quality problems caused by the uneven laying of wooden floors. The floor covering and solid wood composite floor have high formaldehyde content. If the wood floor is not qualified, its formaldehyde emission is in line with national standards. Consumers can use it with confidence and will not cause  mid grade decking wood cost harm to the human body.</p>