<p>layout. <a href='http://suntower.org/deck/4283-how-to-make-decorative-wood-exterior-panels.html'>how to make decorative wood exterior panels</a>The intricacies of the market situation have prompted companies to adapt to the situation and emerge from the predicament and win over fierce competition. Let us now look at what are the unfavorable factors that hinder and restrict the development of the industry so that our flooring companies in the year of the 12th Five-Year Plan start in 2011 and seek a “response to the market” response development.decking boards on donedeal The sales of raw </p>
<p>materials for floor materials have increased significantly Since the first half of 2010,<a href='http://suntower.org/green/701-best-over-composite-decking-in-finland.html'>best over composite decking in finland</a> the sales of most of the timber products in China's timber industry have achieved year-on-year growth, and the increase in the prices of different products has not been equal but the increase has been significant.acrylic plastic sheets ukraine Most of the raw materials for wood flooring in China come from South America, Southeast Asia, and Africa. Since the 2009 Copenhagen </p>
<p>conference, all countries in the world have further reduced the extent of deforestation,<a href='http://suntower.org/eco/7152-wood-plastic-composite-thermokinetic-mix.html'>wood plastic composite thermokinetic mix</a> which has led to rising raw material prices. The lack of timber resources in the world and the increase in prices of the main floor materials have forced the competition in the flooring industry to increase. lignin free wood deck sampleOn the other hand, the acceleration of the global economic recovery has further aggravated the demand for the timber market. According to </p>