<p>low-level competition.Last month,<a href='http://theartistlounge.biz/durable-wpc-floor/1034-resist-heat-hardwood-flooring-supplier.html'>resist heat hardwood flooring supplier</a> the 11th International Exhibition on China's International Floor Materials and Paving Technology Exhibition, known as the “Asia's No. 1 and the World's No. 2”, was grandly opened at the Shanghai International Expo Center.vinyl hardwood floors photosThis is also the most direct and objective reflection of the barometer of the Chinese flooring industry.It is understood that despite the general weakness of the global market for </p>
<p>commercial flooring and elastic flooring, the scale of the exhibition has shown a contrarian growth, <a href='http://romanmedicalgroup.org/durable-pvc-fence/3943-using-marine-plywood-for-dock-decking.html'>using marine plywood for dock decking</a>with an area of ​​90,000 square meters and more than 970 exhibitors, both of which are higher than the previous one. About 40%.There are indications that the active influx of foreign companies and the domestic export of domestic export enterprises will intensify competition in the flooring industry.plank of wood football fieldRelevant experts believe that the reason why the </p>
<p>exhibition is so popular is that since the end of last year,<a href='http://cpct.biz/composite-material/184-composite-foam-wood-ply-image.html'>composite foam wood ply image</a> the Chinese government has successively introduced various measures to expand domestic demand and maintain growth, so that the "winter" Chinese wood flooring industry will regain its vitality.At the same time, it also attracted a large number of foreign flooring companies.In the future, pastic laminated fence planksthe floor will explode various types of marketing wars, price wars, brand wars and so on.This will </p>