<p>development of the flooring industry.<a href='http://theartistlounge.biz/durable-wpc-floor/3185-roll-cover-for-deck.html'>roll cover for deck</a>They also use the news media to promote the unique advantages of the flooring industry in Changzhou and Shenyang, and attract investors.In the industrial demonstration zone, the “priority” of the floor enterprises that have settled in is granted.composite pool decking colors The city of Luling County issues green cards for the investment companies of the floor enterprises, and implements one-stop service. The settled enterprises </p>
<p>can be supported in terms of land use and funds.During the construction period,<a href='http://theartistlounge.biz/cheap-wall-panel/4811-composite-wood-storage-sheds.html'>composite wood storage sheds</a> all the fees within the county's charging authority shall be exempted. In the case of the company providing pre-registration procedures, the business license and production license shall be uniformly handled,wood plastic composite how to clean and the two-year tax and fee shall be exempted, and the loan shall be coordinated at 25% of the fixed asset investment scale. It reflects the county's </p>
<p>determination to fully support the development of the flooring industry.<a href='http://romanmedicalgroup.org/outdoor-wall-panel/3352-aluminum-boat-deck-ideas.html'>aluminum boat deck ideas</a>In order to solve the problem of “collective economy” development in the flooring industry, Qi Ling has invited production equipment manufacturers more than 10 times to listen to the manufacturer's product introduction and concentrate on the production equipment. order garden wpc pavilion board ideasFinally, under the auspices of the government, Jiangsu Haotejing Precision Machinery Co., Ltd. was </p>