<p>Easy to clean First of all, the surface of this material is treated with advanced foreign technology. It not only makes people look fashionable and beautiful, but also the most important thing is to take plastic field fencing malta care of it. It can be scrubbed directly with water, and it will not blister, no Transforming makes your life easier. Fashionable and elegant It is a variety of products with a wide variety of colors, so you can design and mix according to your own preferences when you choose. For example, Western European style, Chinese tradition, and Roman style can use this material. Time-saving and labor-saving design also uses the traditional gusset plate installation method, it is a material that can be directly installed on the damaged wall, and it is not cumbersome to install in the process, generally like price decking floor thailand tourism ordinary The carpenter can install it.</p><p> Its sound insulation can reach 29 decibels, which is equivalent to the sound insulation effect of solid walls, so after using this material, those whistle sounds and machine noise will never bother your life, giving you a quiet and comfortable space. The super-hardness is based on the original bamboo fiber, which is also an environmentally friendly material, and it hasbuild a free standing ground level deck  strong hardness, impact resistance, friction resistance and scratch resistance. How to maintain the leak-proof work on the integrated wall surface is essential to integrate the wall surface. </p>