Classification flooring manufacturers floor there are many, according to the structure classification: solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, wood flooring, bamboo flooring, cork flooring; By Application: home occasions floor with floor commercial applications, anti-static floor outdoor flooring, stage dance floor dedicated sports hall venue dedicated floor, athletics dedicated floors; by environmental rating classification: E1 grade flooring, E0 grade flooring, JAS-star standard F4 star floors. Chinese market some specifically promote geothermal dedicated floor, in fact, as long as the substrate is stable, no crack, no distortion, high environmental performance, to thermal insulation, and even plain wood floors, floor heating can be used.Safe and comfortable outdoor wall
  Cheap outdoor patio flooring wholesale in Sweden.Parquet wood floor is divided into three solid wood flooring, engineered wood flooring, new parquet three kinds, because it is staggered by different species of laminated sheets, thus overcoming the way of solid wood flooring homosexual shortcomings, shrinkage swelling rate is small, has good dimensional stability, and preserves the natural wood grain of solid wood flooring and comfortable foot feeling. For those who prefer a natural aesthetic wood flooring, solid wood flooring fear instability consumer groups. Parquet and laminate flooring stability and solid wood flooring in one beautiful, but also has environmental advantages, performance relatively high value of the new wood flooring, wood floor should be the trend of development. Same parquet and laminate flooring environmental classification levels, E1 and E0 is divided into two levels.
  Because the market price is between strengthening and wood prices, the cost will be close to E0 environmental achieve price of solid wood flooring, so the market-based environmental protection E1 grade. However, businesses in order to sellers, often refuses to talk about environmental standards, said it was a solid wood, confuse the concept. After the purchase of flooring in place, long-term use in the course of routine maintenance is the most important, direct impact on the life of the floor. Although laminate flooring with wear, corrosion resistance, compressive strength, impact resistance, easy to clean, care, good dimensional stability and many other advantages, but still can not ignore the use of scientific maintenance. Because there are quite a lot of problems because of improper maintenance floor.High-performance composite panels constructed outdoor wall