Floor of wood of life have a close relationship with customers, both in public and household use in more and more popular, consumers in the choose and buy and use wood floor product, should pay attention to the following:
Before purchase, consumers should apply to the dealer for third-party authoritative test report show the corresponding products to ensure product quality. View product detects report of formaldehyde release a quantity to whether, mechanical strength, wear resistance and so on the physical and chemical indexes meet the national standard requirements, the product is qualified, regular quality inspection report of the floor are on the level of formaldehyde release a quantity to name of description and the wood of the floor. Second is to dealers taking or carefully check the labels on product, logo, include the following contents: the production factory name, address, name, trademark, product standard number, category, specification, tree species, appearance grade, level of formaldehyde release a quantity, production date, production license, etc. Generally large manufacturers of the above information is complete, the product quality is relatively reliable. Also, in the wooden floor of choose and buy products, appearance should level off, without damage, bruised and battered, defects such as scar section, identification to complete. High quality floor should feel dry, level off is smooth; Surface texture clear, beautiful, colour and lustre coordinator for the best. Pay attention to the species of real wood floor whether to have the correct Chinese name and Latin name, rather than using commonly known as the name, trade name or private market, such as longfeng tan, red wingceltis, white ivory, voice, etc., when a dispute is not conducive to safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers. Guarantee, at the same time, consumers should pay attention to the description and formal products have excellent after-sales service, timely instructions clear clearly as well. When buying, must ask for invoice and specify the sizes, such as some sales include floor tenon wide width of enterprise target, so the actual area to diminish of the floor.
In addition, consumers don't covet is cheap, when buying wooden floor also don't blindly high, moderate, the choose and buy as far as possible big brand, the credibility of good product. Select a clear product producer name and address, trade mark, good performance.
In everyday use, attention should be paid to make the floor maintenance and protection, to keep the floor dry and clean at ordinary times, don't let the sharps of heavy metals, glass, ceramics, shoes, furniture and other hard objects scratch the floor.

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