Ecological wood green wood is also called, it is a decorative material, a new type of widely used, the most important is an environmentally friendly material, not only security and a variety of colors, so in recent years, rapid identification and acceptance.
In use, the timber can be used for ecological floors, walls, ceilings, shutters, contain virtually ecological wood texture several of the most important decorative elements, the beautiful natural environment of reinforced concrete long-lived people who choose a more suitable Eco-wood decor, wood compared with the cold tiles, a popular, giving a warm feeling, imagination, mother was busy in the kitchen for dinner, child and father push blocks, the floor in the living room was filled with laughter, a how warm the web!
The current market price of the ecological timber uneven, more choice, we should pay attention to choose ecological wood price of materials, not only to choose low-price products, low prices often do not pass quality, two-year overhaul did not say, but also security unpredictable, increasing hidden costs and security risks, and in fact, worthwhile. We should pay more attention while selecting material prices, but the quality of the material will seriously affect the health of their families, and two days may not see the day for a long time will have different symptoms.

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