Ecological wood using improper maintenance may occur deformation, cracking phenomenon, want to know how to prevent this from happening? Check out our advice to you.
First of all, our country wet weather North and the South, more moisture in the air, especially in Huangmei weather, rainy weather, especially prone to damp paper. So regardless of the dealer plate or plate on the end consumer the best bottom plate, at a distance from the wall to keep the environment in a dry environment, then easily lead to water-based glue and wet plate deformation.
Eco-wood furniture Back to require the use of eco board edge seal edges, can not avoid the need to use water-based glue, glue too easy to penetrate, if the table which easily lead to ecological wood moisture, recommended edge adhesive, supports can be effectively avoided.
We should pay attention to these aspects when using the above-described eco-wood, the better to extend the life of ecological wood.

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