<p>(1) construction and installation easier: a large parquet usual format size, and can be used directly without keel while floating installation method, making installation fast. Greatly reducing installation costs installation time, but also to avoid the use of poor quality due to an accident caused by the keel. Excellent environmental performance: Due to solid wood parquet adhesives and environmental protection through the use of advanced production and processing technology made, so good environmental performance, in line with national environmental standards become mandatory.</p>

<p>(2) create a comfortable environment: good insulation, heat insulation, sound insulation, sound absorption, insulation properties. Richer decorative properties: parquet surface with colorful precious natural wood, has a unique color, pattern, coupled with the introduction of the surface structure of the design, dyeing technology makes parquet decorative properties more colorful. Greatly improve the comprehensive utilization of wood: three parquet surface layer only 2-4mm, using high-quality wood substrate 11-13mm, it is basically a fast-growing wood, more than 75% of fast-growing wood and 25% or less quality wood; wood flooring, the surface layer is generally 0.3-2.0mm, high-quality wood accounts for less than 10%, more than 90% of fast-growing wood.</p>

<p>(3) thus greatly improving the comprehensive utilization of wood, especially in saving a lot of high-quality timber, in line with national industrial policy and trade is conducive to the sustainable development of the country. Parquet floor strong wear resistance than the average more than 10 - 30 times, in addition, there is shock, anti-static, anti-pollution, light resistance and other functions. Of course, wear resistance and parquet floor price is also a significant relationship, especially some wood composite board selling point is wearable.</p>

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