<p>1. Structure: four, balance sheet, HDF, decorative paper, wear-resistant layer, balance sheet: 90G and 110G, based on the weight of the wear layer g determined, HDF: Depending on the density, the price of raw materials used vary, general with the naked eye can distinguish the difference, the more white the better. According to the color, it can be divided into green and white. Thickness 7MM, 8MM, 10MM, 12MM, 14MM, more common are 8 and 12 thick.</p>

<p>2. Decorative paper: According to the clarity of printed grainy to tell good from bad. Wear layer, are key determinants of the life of the floor, AC1 = 25G about 3000 rpm, AC2 divided 32G and 33G about 6,000 rpm, AC3 = 45G about 9000 rpm. General common home improvement AC2 can, commercial and public spaces need AC3. Wear layer is made of a special transparent glue paper after immersion in formation.</p>

<p>3. Press lock Category: Common patent lock has UNILIN, VALINGE are two, due UNILIN locking patent case in the United States in favor of a comprehensive, all floors to the United States, as long as it uses a patented lock must lock structure, in addition to the United States In addition, there are in Europe, Canada, Australia and other countries also need to use a patented buckle, but no US administration was strict. UNILIN locking element about the patent in the US $ 8 hair USD -1 / square around, most of the plant is received from customers $ 1, VALINGE lock wool is generally 5-7 US dollars / square, most of the plant is gross income of $ 7. Patent fees charged by the various different plants depending on their patent with the company signed an agreement in prices.</p>

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